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City of Bath

City of Bath

The city of Bath is definitely a destination worth heading to! It is southwest of England and the coach bus travel made it convenient for Dad and I to enjoy the 4-hour trip. As we drove along the outskirts of the city the sights were nothing short of amazing! Once we got off the bus, we quickly went into a city center tour that gave us an overall of what to expect from Bath and a good bit of history. Bath is a popular tourist destination for a number of reasons including the Roman Baths, being the home of famous author Jane Austen, and the numerous museums and galleries. We walked around the gardens and saw many beautiful landmarks that kept the tour interesting.

During our day trip, Kayla and I broke away. We wandered onto the Jane Austen Center. This was definitely the highlight of my day. We got some much-needed daughter/momma bonding time in. We sat in on a presentation of the life of Jane and received lots of information on her family. Following the presentation, we were able to go into a gallery where Jane’s life and accomplishments were presented in detail. There were paintings, letters, and achievements on the walls of the gallery. We were then able to try on clothes that Jane and people during this era wore. I convinced Kayla to dress up and it turned out to be good fun. Definitely another #momwin for me!


Click through the pictures below to see more of our fun in the Jane Austen Exhibit! 


As we completed our journey through Bath we took loads of pictures and just enjoyed the time together as a family. Being a military family, we have to take each moment by the hands and run!  Check out the photos from our trip below...